Online, group and 1 to 1 classes are available in venues across Nottingham.



Information on future workshops will be available soon.



Seven day and weekend retreats available at home and abroad.


And when you come to a meeting of many ways and do not know which to choose, do not choose at random, but pause and reflect. Breathe with the trusting, deep breaths you took when you first came into the world… Be still and listen to your heart.

Susanna Tamaro, Italian writer


How Debra can help you?

My experience spans over 30 yrs in the Health and Fitness Industry ranging from Fitness Instructor, former National Triathlon champion to Pilates and Yoga..

My style is to work with you in partnership to help you improve your life style and health. I have an integrated approach and, following our initial discussion, choose the most appropriate type of therapeutic approach for you individually to achieve better health and to meet your own goals. I treat the whole person, allowing you to decide how much you wish to do at each session and making sure you are moving forward to the life you want to live.

I began my life changing journey into holistic practices after leaving a very stressful but enjoyable career in the electrical engineering industry.   It was in my search for a “cure” after a bout of serious illness following a trip to Africa. I was introduced to Pilates at a Remedial Level and it seemed to be a naturally progression to Yoga and then to Mindfulness life styles.   These practices soon became my precious tools to bringing me back to full health both physically and mentally.  

My qualifications are:

  • Honours Degree BS, Leicester University
  • Pilates, Pilates institute London
  • OCR level 3 Pilates, London
  • Remedial Pilates, Pilates institute London
  • Yoga – British Wheel of Yoga
  • Yoga for Healing, British Wheel of Yoga
  • Personal Training Module, Fitness Professionals London
  • Diet and Nutrition, YMCA London
  • Training Undertaken In MBSR And MBCT Centre For Mindfulness Research And Practice, Bangor University At Teacher Training Level 2



Please contact me for the Zoom Link and Password for sign in details.

Live Zoom classes

January 2023

  • Monday 10am Pilates
  • Tuesday 8.30 am Pilates/Yoga
  • Wednesday 9.30

Zoom classes can only be accessed via my Zoom link and Password which i can give to you via email. You will then receive a weekly update by Email from MailChimp with the timetable on each week and details of how to pay for the classes. All classes are 45 mins or 1 hour unless otherwise stated. Please read the disclaimer in recordings section before starting any classes.


Contact me to find out how to access my online recordings.




  • Monday 11.30am Pilates Poppy and Pint
  • Tuesday 10.00am Pilates Ruddington St Peters rooms opp co-op


Debra sound healing  class was simply amazing!

From the moment I walked in, I could feel the beautiful and welcoming energy that Debra  exudes. Choosing her home as the healing environment was a stroke of genius - it created such a cozy and intimate atmosphere. What I loved most about the class was the small number of...
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Cosy session

Debra packed everything into this wonderfully cosy session: crystals, dragon cards, relaxation, meditation and ofcourse sound bathing. Had a great night's sleep too!
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Deeply relaxing

Thank you for a deeply relaxing, restorative release yesterday. I will be booking again. Highly recommend this. ☺️x
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I wanted say a big thank you for all your wonderful sessions.

Christine and I find it totally amazing that you think of all these new ways/exercises of moving and stretching our aged bodies and feel it is doing us the power of good.  I also greatly appreciate your holistic way of being in terms of the unity of body, mind and...
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I so enjoy these classes

The warmly friendly professional approach makes for me feel relaxed and safe. There are plenty of modifications clearly offered making it suitable for beginner to advanced. I always finish the class feeling that with Deb's help I am more flexible, have a stronger core and a calmer mind Clare 
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From the opening, gentle but progressive warm-up

until the concluding, meditative relaxation, Debs' Pilates class is a fluid sequence of balanced exercises. Her training and intuitive skill provide a continuous, reflective experience for participants.  Sensitive to the varying needs and abilities of students, Debs allows for all levels of knowledge and motivation - offering a physical challenge to...
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Debra has a wonderful teaching style

delivering classes with compassion and composure.  Inviting you to move, breath, relax, meditate and think carefully about your wellbeing, Debra offers modifications for movement into postures for a range of capabilities so everyone can benefit. Her online classes have been welcomed by many throughout the pandemic,  always offering lighthearted moments...
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I have attended Debra’s classes since 2014

firstly in person at Virgin Active Gyms and since lockdown in March 2020 on-line. Her classes at Virgin were so popular with long waiting lists that they had to put on two classes to fulfil the demand. So why do I enjoy her classes so much? Variety : No two...
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Debs is a gifted, sensitive and inspiring teacher

She brings a depth of experience, skill and compassion to her work. I gain much from classes with Debs; improving my physical health, overall wellbeing and lifting my spirits! Gill 
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I have been attending Debra's Pilates classes at David Lloyd since 2000, when I was involved in a car accident and suffered severe whiplash. I found the twice weekly sessions really helpful and within two years was moving without pain. Debra was able during that time to adapt the exercises...
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Zoom classes have been a lifeline

both for calming the mind and exercising the physical body while instilling self- care and confidence. Gym classes were dynamic and challenging and never dull or routine. It was always a pleasure to attend. (Virgin) I expect you will have many more as your classes are great. When we get...
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I have enjoyed Debra’s Pilates classes

at Virgin Active for many years but since COVID restrictions started in March 2020 her on-line classes have been my absolute saviour.  Her calm and sympathetic approach is wonderful and after an hour’s session of Pilates ending with a few minutes total relaxation I feel ready to face another week....
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I have been enjoying classes with Debra for over twelve years

One of the key attractions to the classes is their accessibility at different levels. Debra is 'inclusive' and gives you confidence at  whatever level you are comfortable with. ' Moving with the Breath' is food for Body Mind and Spirit, the retreats are "time out of time" and a chance...
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Debs is an excellent and sympathetic teacher

Her classes are designed to work for everyone...from beginners to the more advanced.  She encourages class members to be aware of the body and to recognise individual abilities...and limitations! I enjoy the classes and always feel better for having participated. ( I have been particularly grateful for her Zoom classes...
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Debra’s classes have been a life saver over the last 10 months

- the yoga and Pilates have kept me sane and together with the meditation and mindfulness it has kept both my body and mind healthy. She keeps the classes varied and challenging. Annie Kerslake
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