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    I wanted say a big thank you for all your wonderful sessions.

    Christine and I find it totally amazing that you think of all these new ways/exercises of moving and stretching our aged bodies and feel it is doing us the power of good.  I also greatly appreciate your holistic way of being in terms of the unity of body, mind and spirit and I really love your relaxation/visualisations.  I feel your classes are an invaluable support through such difficult times as they provide a sense of community as well as a structure to the day.

    So many things I want to thank your for.  I think you are totally brilliant!
    Wanda x

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    I so enjoy these classes

    The warmly friendly professional approach makes for me feel relaxed and safe. There are plenty of modifications clearly offered making it suitable for beginner to advanced. I always finish the class feeling that with Deb’s help I am more flexible, have a stronger core and a calmer mind


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    From the opening, gentle but progressive warm-up

    until the concluding, meditative relaxation, Debs’ Pilates class is a fluid sequence of balanced exercises.

    Her training and intuitive skill provide a continuous, reflective experience for participants.  Sensitive to the varying needs and abilities of students, Debs allows for all levels of knowledge and motivation – offering a physical challenge to those who demand it and some anatomical explanation to those who want a deeper understanding of the body’s core movements.

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    Debra has a wonderful teaching style

    delivering classes with compassion and composure.  Inviting you to move, breath, relax, meditate and think carefully about your wellbeing, Debra offers modifications for movement into postures for a range of capabilities so everyone can benefit.

    Her online classes have been welcomed by many throughout the pandemic,  always offering lighthearted moments as well as opportunities to contemplate and meditate.

    Her workshops and retreats offer the chance to enquire into the physical and spiritual practice of yoga whilst relaxing and enjoying yourself.

    Yoga has had a profound impact upon my life in recent years and I would like to give Debra special thanks for that 🙏

    BC (Nottingham)

  • Testimonials

    I have attended Debra’s classes since 2014

    firstly in person at Virgin Active Gyms and since lockdown in March 2020 on-line.

    Her classes at Virgin were so popular with long waiting lists that they had to put on two classes to fulfil the demand.

    So why do I enjoy her classes so much?

    1. Variety : No two classes are the same.
    2. Whilst doing the exercise she explains clearly how to do the exercise and which muscles are involved and how to breathe.
    3. Each exercise has a series of levels so you can work at your own level and also see the progress you are making.
    4. She gives alternatives to exercises so if you have wrist, knee, back problems etc you can still exercise.
    5. She has a very warm personality and a good sense of humour so at the end of each session you not only feel fitter physically but in a good mood too!

    I am so grateful for her lessons. Having osteoarthritis, and having had a knee replacement I know how essential exercise is for a healthy and fulfilling life.

    Sue Jones.

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    I have been attending Debra’s Pilates classes at David Lloyd since 2000, when I was involved in a car accident and suffered severe whiplash. I found the twice weekly sessions really helpful and within two years was moving without pain. Debra was able during that time to adapt the exercises to take into account my injuries and suggest helpful equipment to support me physically.

    I find Debra’s manner gentle and reassuring. I know that in a class she is always checking we are keeping our bodies safe and we offer helpful corrections that improve our participation. I have loved Debra’s choice of music and variety of relaxation at the end of the session.


    I love Debra’s Yoga classes. She takes into account the needs and abilities of the class and offers progressive levels and ways of knowing which level we should choose. I feel safe and encouraged. There is a brilliant balance between commitment to Yoga practice, fun and challenge. Debra shares her sense of humour whilst remaining professional at all times. She is a great teacher with lots of wisdom and patience.


    Latterly Debra has introduced me to meditation, in classes and at home on Zoom with herself initially and now with a global organisation. I am learning to love it and feel it has been helpful during the Pandemic as a focus for the day.

    David Lloyd and retreat

    At present I owe so much to Debra and feel she has very much helped me through the period when David Lloyd has been closed.  I hope we will get to go to Portugal on retreat in June 2021! After all, that was my reason to go to part-time working in January last year!

    Thank you Debs for your loving kindness. M x

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    Zoom classes have been a lifeline

    both for calming the mind and exercising the physical body while instilling self- care and confidence.

    Gym classes were dynamic and challenging and never dull or routine. It was always a pleasure to attend. (Virgin)

    I expect you will have many more as your classes are great. When we get back to whatever is ‘normal’, I would like to go to one of your UK retreats/ away weekends.

    With many thanks,


  • Testimonials

    I have enjoyed Debra’s Pilates classes

    at Virgin Active for many years but since COVID restrictions started in March 2020 her on-line classes have been my absolute saviour.  Her calm and sympathetic approach is wonderful and after an hour’s session of Pilates ending with a few minutes total relaxation I feel ready to face another week.  Thank you Debra.

    April T.

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