Courses in Mindfulness




My Approach

Debs Osborn works with you in partnership to help you improve your life style and health. I have an integrated approach and, following our initial discussion, choose the most appropriate type of therapeutic approach for you individually to achieve better health and to meet your own goals. I treat the whole person, allowing you to decide how much you wish to do at each session and making sure you are moving forward to the life you want to live. My client base includes adults and children.

I am a member of the General Council of Hypnotherapy and National council of Psychotherapy, and mindfulness training with the university of Bangor (these are the main organisations in the UK which ensure that all members adhere to a strict code of conduct). Debs also holds a BA(hons) and has over 20 years experience and success in helping people to deal with a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, phobias . As a mother of two, Debs knows that mindfulness therapy is a valuable aid to help with many children’s issues especially sleeping.

About Mindfulness therapy

We will work together to find the most effective treatment, using techniques in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), NLP and Hypnotherapy. I also run the 8 week Mindfulness course for health and wellbeing and this can be adjusted for your own time constraints and needs. These techniques will help you to explore the issues that are affecting you.


I was offered the opportunity of some individual support with Debs to see if she could help with my 13 years of insomnia. What can I say – my life has changed completely The turn around has been amazing. I now get regular peaceful and sound sleep, so the improvement is also sustained. I feel I have energy and a real zest for life!!! I have not felt this way in years and I mean YEARS!!!! My friends and family comment frequently on how much I smile and how I seem so much brighter and happier. I will never be able to thank Debs enough for her help in achieving what I thought was impossible! Mary

I asked Debra for some individual support when I was going through a stressful period at work. In January this year I heard that my organisation was going to be restructured and we would have to apply for our jobs. I felt very anxious and decided I needed some help. I had attended Debra’s Pilates classes for some years and knew that she was someone that I could trust. I have found the sessions to be extremely helpful. I immediately felt that Debra had a very good understanding of my situation. Through hypnotherapy she helped me appreciate that my anxieties over my job were part of a wider problem that I was well able to address. The result has been that I was appointed to a more responsible job within my organisation and I feel much more positive about being able to cope with changes in the future whether they are at work or elsewhere.


I was very sceptical about the support at first; however Debs made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. She listened to everything I said and took time to explore how the sessions could help me with the way I was feeling, very anxious and sometimes depressed. Each session made me feel so much better; I can now calm myself down, and feel I have some good techniques to help me to stay calm. My moods are much better and I feel that I can live my life without the anxiety holding me back