Thought for the week

The Lighthouse

I often wonder can one person make a difference, what can one person do?
And sometimes my fear warms its hands by the fire.

Like a solitary tree growing on the empty open landscape.
Battered by the wind and the rain, perhaps feeling threatened by lightening, invisible in the darkness.
So far away from everything and everyone, connected but also disconnected.

And then I really see the tree, and its place in the landscape.
How it is nourished by all the different kinds of weather – it continues to grow, it moves with the weather.

This tree stands alone but strong and solid in a vast open space, like a lighthouse, with unseen light penetrating everything in its reach.

Nourishing, and protecting, a living, beating compass to navigate the storms and rocks in life.
I see into the tree, the roots interconnected with all life and like the tree I realise again we are all connected, held together by a string of invisible light.

We can be a lighthouse for others helping them safely reach the shore.
And like the roots of the tree our hearts have a deep intricate network of vessels – unseen heartstrings, our invisible roots that connect and nourish us. Holding us all together.

Perhaps we cannot feel or see them, but we only have to know they are there, and know how to sit with them.

I can see them more nowadays as my heart softens and opens and I smile to the lighthouse.

©️Peter Moore 9th June 2020