Thought for the week

June and July will provide two unique opportunities to build and nourish relationship with a world that is beyond the material.

In June, Summer Solstice will take place on 21 June allowing us to connect with the divine rhythm of the Earth. On that Monday, the Sun will travel the longest path through the sky giving us the longest period of daylight in the year (Britannica). When it happens in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth’s axial tilt towards the Sun will align with the Sun’s declination from the celestial equator both being 23.44°. (Wikipedia)The middle day between planting and harvest (midsummer), summer solstice is a turning point where the fire of the summer eases into nourishment. This is the time when Nature grows crops that used to be essential to our surviving the autumn and winter months. Midsummer is or at least used to be celebrated in many cultures and beyond linking it to a fertile season, it was also the celebration of the nourishing aspect of the light. From a spiritual point of view, this day is also a reminder of the nurturing and divine aspect of the light of the Sun and how it is essential we find this light and nourishment in ourselves. Connecting with this higher aspect of ourself (our consciousness) and with the nature of the Divine is vital to an embodied and meaningful life experience.