Thought for the week

The five senses “What is my sensory experience right now, in this moment?”

The five senses and how we can tune into them to bring our awareness into the present moment more often to welcome in more peace and calm.

So if you feel a little distracted or out of sorts ask yourself

“What is my sensory experience right now, in this moment?”

What am I seeing? As I gaze around my room, I welcome the various colours, the shapes of objects, the sizes of forms, the space between things, the up and down, the near and far, the shadow and light, and the movement and stillness.

What sounds are there? Notice the textures of the sounds rather than deciding whether you like the sounds or not. For instance, notice the hum of the heating system, murmured conversations from the hall, distant traffic, the chirps of birds outside your window.

What aromas are there here? The bread toasting, the wafts of flowers, the freshness of the air through the open window, fresh brewed coffee.

What flavours linger in your mouth? Roll your tongue around and tune in.

What sensations are here? The weight of your body supported the the chair, the sensation of your clothing draping your arms, chest, back, your feet on the floor, the movement of your belly, chest, and back in response to breath. Just come and check in to your senses without any evaluation, as you clearly see, hear, smell, sense, taste and touch (give yourself a big hug) what is here and now, without a whole lot of story-telling. This engages your attention in the present moment. It’s the opposite of spacing out and letting a default monologue run in the background.

As the late spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer once said, ” “Seize every second of your life and savour it. Value your present moments. Using them up in any self-defeating ways means you’ve lost them forever.”

The whole world comes alive if you let it. Try this out a few times throughout your day and see what a difference it makes.