I have attended Debra’s classes since 2014

firstly in person at Virgin Active Gyms and since lockdown in March 2020 on-line.

Her classes at Virgin were so popular with long waiting lists that they had to put on two classes to fulfil the demand.

So why do I enjoy her classes so much?

  1. Variety : No two classes are the same.
  2. Whilst doing the exercise she explains clearly how to do the exercise and which muscles are involved and how to breathe.
  3. Each exercise has a series of levels so you can work at your own level and also see the progress you are making.
  4. She gives alternatives to exercises so if you have wrist, knee, back problems etc you can still exercise.
  5. She has a very warm personality and a good sense of humour so at the end of each session you not only feel fitter physically but in a good mood too!

I am so grateful for her lessons. Having osteoarthritis, and having had a knee replacement I know how essential exercise is for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Sue Jones.